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Who We Are

Deep Ocean Sky Entertainment (DOSE) brings global newsmakers, influencers and luminaries to your doorstep. Thousands gathered at our inaugural events in Toronto and in Vancouver to hear from the former Secretary of State and the first woman to run for the Office of President in the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Recently, we’ve delivered to audiences President William Jefferson Clinton and the best-selling author, James Patterson—as part of a first-ever collaboration between a former sitting President and a global best-selling author.

Now, we’re on track to bring internationally-acclaimed wellness expert, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and his “Future of Wellbeing” talk to Toronto and Vancouver this fall. We’re also excited to deliver a highly thought-provoking, educational and entertaining One Day University. Building on its rapid success in over 60 markets in the United States. This event taking place in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), will see world-leading academic leaders and professors inspire attendees with special presentations of their very best lectures— live.

Past Events

  • Hillary Clinton: Live
  • A Conversation with President Clinton
  • One Day University

Photos from Our Events